Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sony PS2 and the White Christmas

It may be the last generation console, but PlayStation still proves to be very popular among gamers. This Christmas, Sony is launching a new white PlayStation 2 instead of the conventional black.

The PS2 has an installed base of more than 117 million worldwide with 44 million in North America alone. A further 10 million PlayStation 2 units are expected to be sold worldwide by the end of March 2008.

With such a huge base of gamers and its vast collection of games title, the PlayStation 2 is indeed a cash cow for Sony, it really makes me wonder why would a person choose PS2 instead of Nintendo Wii? It may be the number of games title available for PS2 or is it the mindset that was so clearly imprint in each and everyone of us that PlayStation is the sole gaming console?

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