Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Driving With My Wife's Lover (2007)

Combining road film, revenge drama, and black comedy elements, Driving with My Wife's Lover is the accomplished feature-length debut from Kim Tae Sik. Kim had previously served as assistant director on Park Chul Soo's Kazoku Cinema, in addition to years of television producing and directing shorts films like 32nd Dec.: Where is Mr. President?, and his experience is evident here. Smartly shot and precisely paced, the film subtly explores human nature, behavior, and emotions through frank dialogue, assured direction, and remarkable storytelling. Driving with My Wife's Lover also finds a perfect pitch in the pairing of character actors Park Kwang Jung and Jeong Bo Sik for the leading roles. The film premiered at the 11th Pusan Film Festival, and has since been invited to numerous festivals including Sundance, Rotterdam, and Berlin.

RATE: 18+


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