Friday, September 7, 2007

Blood Brothers (2007)

Subtitle: Simplified Chinese, English
Duration: 90 min
XVid 656x272
Audio: 130 kbps vbr mp3
FrameRate: 25 fps
Size: 700 mb
TKK rlz
Genre: Action/Crimedy
Starring: Daniel Wu, Shu Qi

Blood Brothers tells the story of three friends from the countryside who moved to 1930s Shanghai to work with the criminal underworld. The story is inspired by John Woo’s previous movie Bullet in the head and co-produced by John Woo & Terence Chang . It is selected to close the 64th Venice Film Festival on 8th September,2007.

Set in Shanghai during the 1930s, the film begins with three close friends, Fung (Daniel Wu), Kang (Liu Ye) and Xiaohu (Tony Yang), Kang's little brother, living in a small village on the outskirts of Shanghai. To escape their poverty-stricken lives as fishermen, the three decide to try their luck in the big smoke and are soon drawn into the criminal underworld led by Boss Hong, a film producer and the owner of Paradise Club, Shanghai's most infamous nightclub, where danger and bloodshed are masked in seductive disguises. A sultry object of all the men's desires, resident singer Lulu (Shu Qi) dreams of stardom but sets off an unfortunate chain of events when Boss Hong uncovers the secret affair she is conducting with his right-hand man Mark (Zhang). Meanwhile, both Hong's enemies and allies plot to seize control of the underworld group. As the three friends rise to power, Fung is caught in a quandary, undecided on which way to go: He must choose between the world of violence and an unrequited love or return to the man he once was. The most innocent of the three, Xiaohu has his own weakness and is afraid to stand up for himself while Kang ruthlessly jostles for power. By the end, innocence and lives are lost, but hope springs eternal. Tiān táng kǒu literally translates as ‘gate of heaven’, metaphorically indicates that Shanghai is not the heaven as the characters originally thought would be, it is only the gate.

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