Monday, September 3, 2007

Okinawa & Fukuoka (Holiday in Tokyo)

Once summer vacation came, I immediately left the college dorm for Okinawa. The heaven island I longed to visit all these years. Being told that more beautiful than Hawaii, it charms. On the way to Okinawa I imagined… I will go to the sea, wander along white beach, hold beach ball, swim swim swim…

Unfortunately, task impeded me. I had to work… No gap for my self-entertaining. Never mind, I did enjoy working. It’s hard though… I feel I know nothing and there are many2 things more I need to learn. This work taught me a lot. It told me to be more patient, diligent, adjustable, helpful… Oh, I have a lot of new friends who came from many countries around the world and I was invited to see some shows as well… hehe.

Anyway, there I worked as a translator. Speaking frankly, I have a habit not to translate when I learn a foreign language. So, it was my first time to do this work. First, I thought it’s just simple translation but who knew it’s not??? Besides, I had to live translate on the stage!!! What the heck? And the speech was goddamn difficult, ungrammatical and varied all the times. He kept talking and talking… Well, now I should not complain what happened to me, just that my brain and feeling were ruined. But It’s okay. I don’t care. I love working with Japanese people rather than that guy. And I was invited to work by them not him.

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