Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Diamond Dogs (2007)

For a variety of reasons, a handful of travellers find themselves transporting a priceless religious artefact - the millennium-old, diamond-encrusted Two-Headed statue of Anubis- through the desolate and dangerous terrain of remotest China and Mongolia. One by one, as the journey progresses, they start to mysteriously die, each in a totally different yet strangely appropriate way. Who - or what — is behind the murders?

Greed? Duplicity? Religious fanaticism? Jealousy? Revenge? Or maybe even the ignored curse carved on the ancient tomb which they’d so blithely violated to first “liberate” their sacred cargo… Six are left… then 5, 4 - each dying despite mounting precautions, escalating mistrust and paranoia run rampant as, increasingly, the layers of deceit, facades and lies are peeled away, leaving, in the end, only the last stunning twist, the key to the riddle of it all.


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