Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hooligans (2005)

After Harvard student Matt Buckner (wood) is wrongfully expelled he then decides to visit his sister in England Shannon (forlani) while in the process meets his sisters husband Steve Dunham (warren) and his little brother Pete Dunham (hunnam) and the two quickly become friends but only until the next day that after going to watch West Ham United v Birmingham City and being involved in a fight between the two teams firms that he finds out that his new cockney friend is in fact the violent top boy (leader) of West Ham’s hooligan firm the GSE (green street elite) but despite this fact finds himself getting involved along with a reputation and what no university can teach him, he learns to fight, confidence, and most importantly he learns to stand by his friends no matter what the consequences in this gritty violent story of hooliganism, respect, and friendship.


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